I started this blog at the beginning of the 2019 New Zealand COVID pandemic lockdown because I wished I had recorded what life was like through the civil emergency of the Canterbury earthquakes. When I started I had no idea how long the pandemic might last, or how long I might keep writing. In 2022, the pandemic is loosening its hold on the world but there are so many other pressing issues on the horizon and interesting aspects of life to ponder that I am not stopping yet…

Latest posts…

Power of the People

This week has demonstrated how a small number of people with the right connections can have big impact in New Zealand. Franco, our back-paddock Argentine, says that’s why he has chosen New Zealand as the country in which he wants to live. Here you can make change if you have to will to do so.Continue reading “Power of the People”

When Things Don’t Work

When things don’t work properly you want to fix them, right? The pictures above are illustrate one of those situations where a former home owner leaves you something that doesn’t work properly. Greg, who sold us this property, dug out a big hole in the paddock, put a clay liner in with gravel over theContinue reading “When Things Don’t Work”

Goodbye traffic lights

The traffic light system was ignominiously dismissed at the beginning of this week, ending on September 12the. It’s apparently done its time and is no longer needed. More correct might be, this was never a very good structure so it will not be greatly missed (here were my thoughts when it was instituted). We areContinue reading “Goodbye traffic lights”

Inappropriate Incentives

We all want to do the right thing, right? For example, pretty much all my life I can remember, I have preferred to cycle rather than drive whenever possible. I hypothesise this desire became embedded in my brain during the 1970s oil crisis, when lack and expense of fuel combined with my innate desire forContinue reading “Inappropriate Incentives”

Excess Profits

What is an excess profit? Too much, of course. But how much is too much? Times are getting tougher in New Zealand, as in many countries experiencing high inflation. Increased food and fuel prices hit consumers particularly hard because everyone needs to buy them, and lower earners spend proportionally more of their incomes on theseContinue reading “Excess Profits”


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