Existence in a time of civil crisis has a surreal feel. We lived through the Canterbury earthquakes, moving through a dream that was a nightmare, and the feelings were vivid but then quickly forgotten. The events, so meaningful at the time, blurred together. Afterwards, I wished I had kept a coherent narrative of my state and how our world changed, that would have pinned down my thoughts at each point in time and explained them to my future self. So, in the face of COVID-19, I set myself the task of documenting my experience, and forcing myself to keep on track through putting it out there for others to see. When I started this, in March 2020, I had no idea how long I might keep writing. Now, in 2021, there is no clear end in sight to the pandemic, so I will continue to write…

Latest posts…

Sublime to ridiculous

In a week I feel I have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous – from fantastic mountain views and solitude to being a participant in an opaque traffic light system. Based on the cartoons and media commentary yesterday, I appeared to be in good company thinking “Huh, what?” as our COVID traffic light systemContinue reading “Sublime to ridiculous”

Did it again

I have taken to heart my own message of doing more of what I love, which includes tramping. So this week I took myself off for 3 nights in the back country in South Westland on the basis of an excellent forecast, a rare thing in a South Westland spring. I have rarely felt moreContinue reading “Did it again”

Sting in the tail

Sarah is in New Zealand MIQ, enjoying the hospitality of the New Zealand government and the selection of meals at the Grand Mercure in Auckland. So we sent her pictures of us going for a mountain bike ride and having lunch in Arrowtown – we are very kind, I know. Sarah said she liked Chris’sContinue reading “Sting in the tail”

Migrant misery

We have been watching a TVNZ mini-series called The Panthers, which brings up unpleasant parallels with New Zealand’s COVID immigration situation. The Panthers were a group formed in 1971 to stand up for the rights of Pacific Islanders and Māori. They raised consciousness and supported community wellbeing in response to significant racial discrimination, prejudice andContinue reading “Migrant misery”

What to believe

We were pretty darn lucky this week and had a beautiful day heli-skiing in the vicinity of Mt Cook with friends Nic and Andy. I wasn’t sure whether to mention this and share pictures with people in other parts of New Zealand as, if I was in Auckland, I am not sure I would wantContinue reading “What to believe”


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