I started this blog at the beginning of the 2019 New Zealand COVID pandemic lockdown because I wished I had recorded what life was like through the civil emergency of the Canterbury earthquakes. When I started I had no idea how long the pandemic might last, or how long I might keep writing. In 2022, the pandemic is loosening its hold on the world but there are so many other pressing issues on the horizon and interesting aspects of life to ponder that I am not stopping yet…

Latest posts…


We made it to the other side of the world in the face of COVID-19 and Putin’s threats. The best thing about escaping the hermit kingdom is exposure, once again, to the great variety of human life beyond that existing in New Zealand. It is so easy to assume that the way one does something,Continue reading “Differences”

Climate Change & Consensus

This post is not about whether there is consensus around the world’s climate changing rapidly and anthropogenic greenhouse gases having a significant role in that change. If you don’t believe this, I am not going to be able to convince you, nor am I going to spend time trying. The changing climate seems to beContinue reading “Climate Change & Consensus”

Open for Inspiration

I have posted before on the value of keeping one’s mind open to inspiration. A random event recently reminded me how inspiration comes at every scale. Ever got hot and needed to wrap your top around your waist because you don’t want to carry it in your hands? Ever had it slip off your waistContinue reading “Open for Inspiration”

When things break

I have been thinking about broken things of late because our Rav4, which I recently mentioned in light of wanting to replace it with an EV, broke terminally. The gear box failed and we discovered that it would cost about the sale value of the car to replace it. And it isn’t just that theContinue reading “When things break”

Manifest inflation

This week three things that I read and heard have been coalescing in my brain: Small pieces of gib board can be sold for the former price of whole sheets, or more. Inflation has hit a 30 year high in New Zealand, at just under 7%. ‘Manifesting’ is a very popular trend where people ferventlyContinue reading “Manifest inflation”


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