Existence in a time of civil crisis has a surreal feel. We lived through the Canterbury earthquakes, moving through a dream that was a nightmare, and the feelings were vivid but then quickly forgotten. The events, so meaningful at the time, blurred together. Afterwards, I wished I had kept a coherent narrative of my state and how our world changed, that would have pinned down my thoughts at each point in time and explained them to my future self. So, in the face of COVID-19, I set myself the task of documenting my experience, and forcing myself to keep on track through putting it out there for others to see. When I started this, in March 2020, I had no idea how long I might keep writing. Now, in 2021, there is no clear end in sight to the pandemic, so I will continue to write…

Latest posts…

What to believe

We were pretty darn lucky this week and had a beautiful day heli-skiing in the vicinity of Mt Cook with friends Nic and Andy. I wasn’t sure whether to mention this and share pictures with people in other parts of New Zealand as, if I was in Auckland, I am not sure I would wantContinue reading “What to believe”

Did It

I thought I had better take my own words to heart and get out there. During lockdown I thought about what I wanted to do that I hadn’t been doing. The answer was, spend time in the backcountry. Even more specifically, my answer was spend time in the backcountry by myself. When I told myContinue reading “Did It”

Wrong strategy already?!

When you get to Alert Level 2 you go do things that you couldn’t previously. Who knows how long you will be in Level 2? Therefore we headed to Wanaka on Wednesday to have dinner and go cycling with friends. We were hoping to ski but the weather gods took away the promised snow andContinue reading “Wrong strategy already?!”

Do It Now

There’s nothing like unexpected lockdowns to make you think that you should do what you can, when you can do it. Is there someone you haven’t seen lately? Give them a call or, far better, go visit them. You don’t know when a lockdown might get in the way. Want to spend some time inContinue reading “Do It Now”


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