I started this blog at the beginning of the 2019 New Zealand COVID pandemic lockdown because I wished I had recorded what life was like through the civil emergency of the Canterbury earthquakes. When I started I had no idea how long the pandemic might last, or how long I might keep writing. In 2022, the pandemic is loosening its hold on the world but there are so many other pressing issues on the horizon and interesting aspects of life to ponder that I am not stopping yet…

Latest posts…

Best Birthdays

As anyone with an increasing birthday count knows, the significance of the day dwindles with each reoccurrence. However, one should never miss an opportunity to celebrate because you never know how many such opportunities you will be lucky enough to have – no point in wasting them. And one of the better things about gettingContinue reading “Best Birthdays”

Transaction Malfunction

Sometimes there is a total mismatch between people and you wonder if you have lost your bearings or if they have…that’s how things went with a recent stay in Križe, Slovenia. Here’s how our stay progressed… Jane: I booked online through Booking.Com, choosing a changeable booking. I was a bit surprised when Booking.Com didn’t chargeContinue reading “Transaction Malfunction”

The value of risk

The mountains in Slovenia (at least the Kamnik Alps where we have been the last 4 days) turn out to be very steep and the people very fit. People of all ages and shapes and sizes are out walking briskly or slowly up gradients rarely broken by a zig-zag track. The Slovenian approach to steepContinue reading “The value of risk”

Worthy Tourists

We have spent the last 3 days in Prague. We stayed at a lovely AirBnB overlooking the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge and with a view to Prague Castle. The AirBnB was so spacious and airy and pleasant that we were tempted to spend more time there than perambulating around Prague. The first nightContinue reading “Worthy Tourists”


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