There is a surreality about existence in a time of civil crisis. We lived through the Canterbury earthquakes, moving through a dream that was a nightmare, and the feelings were vivid but then so quickly forgotten. The events, so meaningful at the time, blurred together and, afterwards, I wished I had kept a coherent narrative of my state and how our world changed, that would have pinned down my thoughts at each point in time and explained them to my future self. So now, in the face of COVID-19, I am going to set myself the task of documenting my experience, and forcing myself to keep on track through putting it out there for others to see, if my thoughts are relevant or interesting to them. In the words of our Prime Minister…let’s do this…

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A diverse life

At one time I aspired to be like Marie Stopes. Who is she, you might ask. If you are a coal geologist you will know, but most of you probably are not coal geologists. I was a coal geologist in an earlier life; today it is fairly embarassing to explain to people that your PhDContinue reading “A diverse life”

How about thia?

I constantly find I am behind the times; I ascribe this to times moving rapidly. Recently I noticed Chris’s sister’s email signature included her preferred personal pronoun (which was ‘she’). When I mentioned this, Ximena said she had done it for about a year (I guess I wasn’t reading her emails very carefully) and otherContinue reading “How about thia?”

Customary practice

This week there was a kerfuffle in the New Zealand Parliament over a tie, or the lack of one. The Maori Party co-leader, Rawiri Waititi refused to wear a tie. He argued he was wearing Maori business attire with a hei tiki around his neck. Trevor Mallard, Speaker of the House and enforcer of theContinue reading “Customary practice”

Triumphs of science

COVID-19 vaccines are, without a doubt, a triumph of humans’ achievement in scientific and technological endeavour. That we have developed, manufactured and started rolling out relatively well tested vaccines in around one year since COVID-19 was identified, and less than one year since it was first sequenced, is truly amazing. If humans could apply suchContinue reading “Triumphs of science”

Patterns & Conspiracy Theorists

Back in June I found my brain inventing conspiracy theories all by itself. Interestingly, back in June 2020, New Zealand was contemplating that a trans-Tasman travel bubble might open up in the last quarter of 2020, while the ski fields were hoping it might come sometime sooner. The National Party was demanding a timeline inContinue reading “Patterns & Conspiracy Theorists”


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