Where’s my grandmother when I need her?

Today I would like my grandmother to be looking after me. I would like to be back in her house, baking some chocolate eclairs and neenish tarts. Perhaps we could do some brandy snaps too and fill them with cream using an icing cone, although there’s always a high chance of the brandy snap outersContinue reading “Where’s my grandmother when I need her?”

Tracking the enemy

Making Mistakes Oh damn, got to get it wrong sometime, sorry! I got called out in regard to our coronavirus tea party – it was not in the spirit of the government’s intentions around lockdown. In our defence, we chose not to include Kerrin and Kirsty in our bubble definition at the outset, although theyContinue reading “Tracking the enemy”

Coronavirus tea party

Who knew that a 1.8m diameter table would be such an appropriate size? When we bought it, our goal was to have lots of people sitting around it – we are accustomed to a constant stream of visitors given that we live so close to the (once-was) tourism capital of New Zealand. We may lookContinue reading “Coronavirus tea party”

Can I rent an optimist for my bubble?

I reckon I sit at around 50% realism, 40% optimism and 10% pessimism. I think that realism comes naturally to scientists. The goal of being a scientist is to iterate towards more accurate versions of reality, which would imply realism is a life goal. However, I understand the value of optimism, particularly when in aContinue reading “Can I rent an optimist for my bubble?”


First, the best news in my day, was the announcement that the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has granted emergency use authorisation for a test that identifies antibodies in blood, to identify whether someone has had COVID-19. The test delivers results on site, within two minutes, from a finger prick. So how good isContinue reading “Covi-noia”

High trust – high risk

Beware of people handing you water bottles (no Greeks bearing gifts around right now) – in this case it was no stranger, but Chris kindly giving me a drink on our ride today. I took a swig, swallowed involuntarily, then said, “WHAT WAS IN THAT WATER BOTTLE?”. Chris took a look, said, “I don’t thinkContinue reading “High trust – high risk”

Thorny issues

Rose hips dot the Central Otago hills, punctuated by rabbits. Both are surplus to requirements and very hard to control. How to manage them is a long term, difficult and costly problem that we have had relatively little traction on since we realised that, in our manipulation of our environment, we have made some significantContinue reading “Thorny issues”