Everyday events are highlighting my post lockdown levels of reactivity. Perhaps an earthquake doesn’t quite count as an every day event (though in Canterbury it certainly was an every day event for some number of years), but a slight shuddering type earthquake is hardly cataclysmic. My nervous system did not agree with the former statement,Continue reading “Reactivity”

Live for today, plan for tomorrow

There are many ways COVID-19 has affected the trajectories of people‚Äôs lives. One way is that a whole lot of people have got a first, or a a second pet. There is nothing like a civil emergency to make people want cute, fluffy animals. I am not alone in surmising that there will be aContinue reading “Live for today, plan for tomorrow”

Conspiracies in the corners

My brain took a loose turn this week when considering the New Zealand quarantine issues… There’s an election in New Zealand in September. The current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has a large fan club. However, that popularity won’t form a complete protection against campaign challenges. Her second tier parliamentarians are weak and the government isContinue reading “Conspiracies in the corners”

Limits to compassion

I, like many other New Zealanders, was pretty unhappy to hear yesterday about two new cases of COVID-19 in the country. It is expected that we will import cases as Kiwis return home, and people are granted special exemptions to come into the country. But it certainly isn’t expected that those people will get toContinue reading “Limits to compassion”

Saving & fighting

We are subject to a constant barrage of war analogies, particularly in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing in relation to climate change. We must ‘fight the pandemic’ and ‘fight climate change’. Associated sentiments are that we must ‘save the economy’ and ‘save the planet’. Language is powerful and sways our thoughts,Continue reading “Saving & fighting”

Scales of loss

I lost an earring yesterday. I would hazard a guess that any male reading this statement is completely puzzled as to why I have bothered to write it. More women might understand the degree of annoyance that ensues from losing a favourite earring. I pondered why I can feel so annoyed at such a minorContinue reading “Scales of loss”

Tuatua fritters and watercress

Barry Crump, of New Zealand-scale fame, wrote a book entitled “Wild Pork & Watercress” in 1997. It was written in standard Crumpian style, a little rough around the edges like its author, and was about Ricky and his Uncle Hector taking to the Uruwera Ranges to escape child protection services who wanted to take RickyContinue reading “Tuatua fritters and watercress”

Moths and flames

Chris loves a good fire. This is probably one of his quintessential ‘bloke’ characteristics as I have noticed that there are quite a few New Zealand males who love fires. There are plenty of women who like fires too, but it seems rare that women have the same visceral love of accumulating wood, preparing andContinue reading “Moths and flames”