Evidence or experience?

A discussion that got a little out-of-hand at my book club prompted me to think about how we make decisions regarding ‘conventional’ and ‘alternative medical’ practices. I should note here that book club discussions getting out-of-hand are not really the norm. Book clubs seem to largely comprise of women and groups of women generally doContinue reading “Evidence or experience?”

Where’s the humanity?

If you were hoping for a run-down on vaccines you will have to wait a little while longer as I am going to take this opportunity to tell you about our water woes. I mentioned earlier how we employed a water diviner to ‘tell us’ where we should drill for water. I have been askedContinue reading “Where’s the humanity?”

Circles or spirals?

I am feeling like we have headed back around a loop, with the return to Level 3 Alert in Auckland and Level 2 Alert across the country. We have seen in other countries how the reinstitution of lockdowns initiates the same sorts of behaviours as the first time they happened…buying up of toilet paper, generalContinue reading “Circles or spirals?”


Sitting in a cafĂ© in Sumner, Christchurch, reminds me how much I like contrasts. Sumner and Gibbston are quite different in a considerable number of ways. In Gibbston at present there is snow on the mountains (if a rather thin cover for mid winter) while in Christchurch yesterday the sun and warm air felt likeContinue reading “Contrasts”

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Who has memories of being in the car on the journey to the long awaited holiday destination? ‘Are we nearly there yet’ is the phrase that might have resulted in your parents’ temper boiling over. And it might be the phrase that results in your temper boiling over if you currently have children of yourContinue reading “Are We Nearly There Yet?”

Am I a grown-up yet?

Recently I went to someone’s house in Dalefield, near Queenstown, and found myself wondering whether that house was a real grown-up house and I hadn’t realised that our house wasn’t a ‘proper’ one. I realise that this feeling might seem quite ridiculous to someone who has visited our house, which I would admit is prettyContinue reading “Am I a grown-up yet?”