So much need…so little money

I have recently been exposed to the degree of need in our community, a degree that reinforces my belief that society is reaching its limits in a whole lot of ways. I am a member of the inaugural Impact100 Wakatipu grants committee. Impact100 is a global philanthropy model where 100 women (or more) donate $1000Continue reading “So much need…so little money”

Taking stock

Yesterday (September 22) was another happy day in New Zealand, as the majority of the country returned to Alert Level 1 conditions, with Auckland to drop back from Level 2.5 to Level 2 at midnight tonight. As usual, some health professionals think the reduction in Alert Levels has come too soon, while some business peopleContinue reading “Taking stock”

Things I don’t understand

Of the many things that I don’t understand, the vast majority relate to human nature. I have questions like, why don’t people act in their own best interests? That’s a rather big question, let’s step in down a level. Why do people want to go on aeroplane flights to nowhere? There is, apparently, a growingContinue reading “Things I don’t understand”

Elections & Fantasy Literature

When I was a child I really loved fairy stories. I read every single one that was in the library and was excited when a new book arrived. I moved on to fantasy literature, of which fairy stories (as short tales which include magic and magical beings) are a subset. I read the Narnia seriesContinue reading “Elections & Fantasy Literature”

When in doubt, garden

There is something incredibly cathartic about the acts of planting and caring for plants. For me, it was a seminal moment when we put the first plants in at our ‘city’ house in Christchurch recently. Planting embodies hope because it implies a belief in a future into which the plants will grow. It is aContinue reading “When in doubt, garden”

Chinese presents

A new Chinese proverb could read, “Beware Chinese sending fake gifts”. Chris received a present in the mail from China this week. At least that is what he initially thought. It was Fathers’ Day at the weekend and his suggestion was that Sarah might have sent him an unexpected gift. Exactly why she would haveContinue reading “Chinese presents”

The case for artisan bakeries

So, with the New Zealand government throwing money right, left and centre (or possibly more left and centre) preparatory to elections, I would like to make the case for more money being sifted over artisan bakeries. “Why”, you might ask. It turns out there are a number of good reasons, but first I have toContinue reading “The case for artisan bakeries”

Roll (role) of an earring

My earring turned up in the washing machine. Chris found it in there, many weeks after I lost it, which was somewhat mysterious. I don’t imagine you remember that I lost an earring, a lost earring isn’t that important in the scheme of things. However, one can choose to regard such an incident as aContinue reading “Roll (role) of an earring”