A meaning of ‘whanāu’

We got to do my favourite thing on Christmas day – ride our bicycles. We rode our bicycles from home over the Crown Range to Wanaka to have lunch with some of our extended whānau. Our ‘whānau’ is quite extensive, that’s the way we like it. There are many people who come and stay withContinue reading “A meaning of ‘whanāu’”

It’s the little things

Our toilet cistern was running continuously the other day, which reminded me of the Hubble Space Telescope. While you might find it a stretch to compare our malfunctioning toilet cistern with a telescope located in low earth orbit (about 540km above the earth), there is a relationship between the performance of the two. The HubbleContinue reading “It’s the little things”

Christmas characters

The approach of Christmas takes me back to feeling like I am at primary school and we have been told that Folk Dancing is today’s special activity. Oh how I hated Folk Dancing. Folk Dancing came into the category of ‘enforced fun’, you were supposed to be having fun, except you were not remotely havingContinue reading “Christmas characters”