Excessive Complexity

I hypothesise that the rise of AI will be driven by humans having created systems upon which we are dependent, and that are beyond the complexity humans are capable of dealing with. I think we are already at that point. When researching this article, I started from a previous impression that the maximum number ofContinue reading “Excessive Complexity”

Media disservice

Anyone else out there disturbed by the media treatment of Sam Uffindell? This week’s news in New Zealand has been dominated by reporting that the recent winner of the Tauranga by-election was expelled from the prestigious Auckland Kings College at age 16. Uffindell was expelled for assaulting a 13 year old, together with three otherContinue reading “Media disservice”

Limits to Growth

…have we hit them? Fifty years ago the report ‘Limits to Growth’ was produced discussing the possibility of exponential economic and population growth combined with finite supply of resources, as studied by computer simulation. The report was commissioned from MIT by the Club of Rome (a group created in 1968 to address crises facing humanityContinue reading “Limits to Growth”