We have encountered relatively little English written or spoken on our trip round South Korea so far (for more pictures have a look here). The only consistent use of English is on accommodation buildings, generally but not always, higher end. It looks like is English is being used for hotels/motels to differentiate themselves from the pack. We very much doubt it’s being used to attract English-speaking international tourists because, outside Seoul, we have seen fewer than 10 westerners.

According to the internet, English connotes luxury, modernity, youth and sophistication for South Koreans. However, what has been amusing in our perambulations is the English used, some of which has meanings that I doubt the accommodation places intend to convey. But if not many people speak English perhaps the actual words aren’t that important.

We almost wanted to stay in this hotel because of its name

Chris prefers this coffee outlet name.

In some cases the meaning of the English has been completely unclear to us. Chris suggested that an ‘offing’ is a place one departs from – in this picture Chris was offing off. Below is a picture of its opposition.

Here are a couple more rather random names.

On the Love Motel below, you wonder if someone went ‘oops’ when they read what the smaller writing to the left says (you will need to zoom in to read it).

The place below was clearly not well maintained and, potentially, hazardous to stay in.

I had to put in a picture of a GS25 Lifestyle Platform because I like the name so much. What would you think a place with that title might hold? It’s actually holds lot of highly refined products packaged in plastic that might, or might not, be considered food. (Chris would like to point out here that it does stock beer).

The place below was close to winning our photo shoot, but obviously couldn’t win once we discovered the top picture.

And, in conclusion, I am sad that I didn’t take a picture of Hotel Nature & Concrete. There’s always one that gets away.

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