Time for change

All good things must change, or they stop being good. To coincide with the lead-in to the release of my novel ‘Broken is Beautiful’ in March 2023, I have created a new web platform janeshearer.com and this blog will now be hosted from janeshearer.com, rather than WordPress. I will post my next two blogs on both sites and switch completely to janeshearer.com from February.

If you are an email subscriber you don’t need to do anything, you will continue to receive Thoughts in Uncertain Times.

However, if you have subscribed up as WordPress subscriber and would like to continue receiving my weekly postings, I need to ask you sign up again below – WordPress doesn’t let me link to you from another site.

If you aren’t sure how you signed up, please sign up again, and I’ll tidy up the email list if you appear twice.


If you’d like to hear more about ‘Broken is Beautiful’ coming up to release date, please sign up here.


I hope to see you all over at janeshearer.com

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I'm a self-employed life enthusiast living in Gibbston, New Zealand

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