Facing off against COVID-19

My mate Toti from Taupo presents different faces to the world (please note, he is a confirmed bubble member, present from midnight on Tuesday). I feel like I am cycling through those faces at a rapid rate during the days. I wake up and feel reasonably calm, particularly if I pick up my current book,Continue reading “Facing off against COVID-19”

The experiment begins…

Our household is dominated by scientists (sorry, Mum) which means that we oscillate between being interested in the progress of a set of enormous, international COVID-19 management experiments, and being concerned for all the people who are the subjects of these experiments. I might be stretching things here, I am very interested in the experimentsContinue reading “The experiment begins…”

Breathe in and hold…

As a country we are about to collectively hold our breath for the next four weeks; on an individual scale it is definitely time I return to some meditation techniques. Meditation or yoga is in that category of things that I think I will do when I have a bit of time, though when IContinue reading “Breathe in and hold…”

The storm before the calm

Today I am already hunkered down at home, preserving some more of the fruit that is falling off the trees. Chris is doing a last run to Cromwell, 25 minutes away, to stock up on hardware supplies so that we have plenty of woodworking projects to keep us occupied when the cold keeps us outContinue reading “The storm before the calm”

Spinning into the unknown…

The government has made the call that medics and people have been asking for, New Zealand is locking down. I am 100% sure that I am not the only person who felt like they were kicked in the emotional guts this afternoon, however much they may have been requesting and wanting New Zealand to moveContinue reading “Spinning into the unknown…”

The world is spinning…

Mum is sitting on the rocking chair, wrapping apples in old Mountain Scene papers. The grass outside is green, the mountains golden in the sun and the sky blue with some cloud and little wind. This should be a bucolic countryside scene, but my mental cast is more akin to the apocalypse. On Friday weContinue reading “The world is spinning…”

Thoughts in Uncertain Times

There is a surreality about existence in a time of civil crisis. We lived through the Canterbury earthquakes, moving through a dream that was a nightmare, and the thoughts and feelings were vivid but then so quickly forgotten. The events, so meaningful at the time, blurred together and, afterwards, I wished I had kept aContinue reading “Thoughts in Uncertain Times”