Evidence in the face of belief

Chris, Mum and I were talking about the saintly behaviour by some under lockdown (not referring to any of ourselves). All of us have our quirks, but in some cases it appears that people might truly deserve canonisation for remaining calm and cheerful in the face of their bubbles. Canonisation is the interesting process throughContinue reading “Evidence in the face of belief”

Comparing lockdowns

We slog on in Level 3 style, while many countries talk about reducing COVID-19 related restrictions on its populations – how much, how fast? China was the lockdown model, they locked down Hubei Province from January 23rd to April 8th to control the spread of COVID-19, and many countries followed that lead as COVID-19 casesContinue reading “Comparing lockdowns”

All we like sheep

We have been listening to the Messiah of late, for no particular reason other than that it makes a nice background at dinner time. For me it brings back happy memories of going to the sing along Messiah concerts at the Christchurch town hall. One learned the score of the sing along songs to someContinue reading “All we like sheep”

A breath of fresh air

On March 22nd I wrote my first COVID-19 post, the day after Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand was on Level 2 Alert and the third day after the New Zealand borders were closed, on March 20th (after people entering being required to self quarantine from March 16th). On March 23rd it was announced that NewContinue reading “A breath of fresh air”

Money machines

There is no doubt that New Zealand, and all countries, are going to increase the amount of public debt they hold because governments are borrowing heavily to pay money to those who are not earning, or whose businesses cannot function, during lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. Debt has always seemed to me toContinue reading “Money machines”

Needing a drink of water

I would like to talk with some non-bubble members in person in the same way that one imagines a tall, cool glass of water when cycling through a desert with no oasis in sight. I try to argue myself out of this need – I have intelligent and interesting people to talk to in myContinue reading “Needing a drink of water”

Excess mortality

We learned early that living on a lifestyle block involved quite a bit of death and killing and that had to get used to it – growing your own food results in a resource war with other living organisms competing for the same resources. I still remember the day that I felt like the slugsContinue reading “Excess mortality”

Dancing to the music

Today was a less good lockdown day. I was glooming my way through a rebuild of a drawer unit this afternoon. I had managed to make the drawers the wrong way round, which meant they were 24mm too narrow. That didn’t seem too problematic until I also discovered I had made the drawers 24mm tooContinue reading “Dancing to the music”

Social pushmi-pullyus

The pushmi-pullyus of Doctor Dolittle were two-headed beasts who were impossible to creep up on, and who looked very reminiscent of a llama with no rear end. Hugh Lofting wrote Doctor Dolittle stories for his children in wartime letters, when the scenes of war were either ‘too horrible or too dull to describe’. The DoctorContinue reading “Social pushmi-pullyus”

Illusions of normality

Human beings are quite amazingly adaptable, while harbouring constant illusions that their current state of being is normal. I don’t generally wear a tea cosy, nor purple (or indeed any) lipstick, particularly not while ski touring in the middle of the Southern Alps. However neither state felt that odd at the moment of the photograph.Continue reading “Illusions of normality”