Travel dilemmas

We are cycling for three weeks in South Korea (see our tour blog here). Our last cycle tour outside New Zealand was in Colombia and this is quite different! We haven’t toured in Asia since we worked in Vietnam a lot in the early 2010s. It’s fun to be back in Asia and in aContinue reading “Travel dilemmas”

Dear Mike Hosking…

For the offshore reader, Mike Hosking is a voluble and high profile radio talk show host who is very vocal in his opposition to cycleways and the impossibility of cycling being a significant local transport option in New Zealand. He unfortunately and antagonistically reduces the debate to a head-on conflict between motorists and cyclists, whoContinue reading “Dear Mike Hosking…”

Focusing on the journey

The hardest step of the journey is the one you take out your front door. After that it’s all downhill (or uphill, or into the wind), you are going. That’s what I love about cycling journeys, you aren’t leaving, you are going, somewhere. All the time you are travelling, the movement itself is a largeContinue reading “Focusing on the journey”