How is a virus like a firework?

There are some key descriptors that tell you the potential of a virus, like COVID-19, to spread. I thought I would have a go at elucidating these numbers using the analogy of fireworks. The R number, or reproduction number, tells you how many people each person is spreading COVID-19 to on average. Or, if thereContinue reading “How is a virus like a firework?”

A breath of fresh air

On March 22nd I wrote my first COVID-19 post, the day after Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand was on Level 2 Alert and the third day after the New Zealand borders were closed, on March 20th (after people entering being required to self quarantine from March 16th). On March 23rd it was announced that NewContinue reading “A breath of fresh air”

How we tell our stories

The dreaded hair cut day has come and gone and, like with so many things, it feels a lot better afterwards. That’s a fairly simple and one way story with a happy ending. However, today I was reading a story related to pandemics that isn’t nearly so simple, nor so happy. It’s the story ofContinue reading “How we tell our stories”