Wrong strategy already?!

When you get to Alert Level 2 you go do things that you couldn’t previously. Who knows how long you will be in Level 2? Therefore we headed to Wanaka on Wednesday to have dinner and go cycling with friends. We were hoping to ski but the weather gods took away the promised snow andContinue reading “Wrong strategy already?!”

Leading horses to water

Level 2 arrived and I finally got my drink of water. On Thursday we had lunch with our friends Cleone and Peter at their house in Queenstown. And on Friday night, so exciting, we spent the night away from home! We got to have dinner and breakfast with our friends John and Diana and NinaContinue reading “Leading horses to water”

The price is wrong

Our bubble, like the rest of New Zealand, is champing at the bit (and chomping at each other) in the face of the promises of Alert Level 2. On Thursday the Prime Minister announced the conditions of Level 2, with a resonating proviso at the end of her message saying that we might not achieveContinue reading “The price is wrong”

Spinning into the unknown…

The government has made the call that medics and people have been asking for, New Zealand is locking down. I am 100% sure that I am not the only person who felt like they were kicked in the emotional guts this afternoon, however much they may have been requesting and wanting New Zealand to moveContinue reading “Spinning into the unknown…”

The world is spinning…

Mum is sitting on the rocking chair, wrapping apples in old Mountain Scene papers. The grass outside is green, the mountains golden in the sun and the sky blue with some cloud and little wind. This should be a bucolic countryside scene, but my mental cast is more akin to the apocalypse. On Friday weContinue reading “The world is spinning…”