NZ on the leaderboards

I feel it will be hard to top yesterday’s picture (and no, I don’t plan to be taking all my clothes off on social media at any time in the near or far future for spurious fame or other notoriety), so I am back to infoblogging today. A friend asked whether it was true thatContinue reading “NZ on the leaderboards”

Comparing lockdowns

We slog on in Level 3 style, while many countries talk about reducing COVID-19 related restrictions on its populations – how much, how fast? China was the lockdown model, they locked down Hubei Province from January 23rd to April 8th to control the spread of COVID-19, and many countries followed that lead as COVID-19 casesContinue reading “Comparing lockdowns”

Still holding…

Loki and I sat on the fence today. It was the highlight of my day – getting dressed up to get my picture taken on the fence (Loki didn’t bother dressing up and demanded to be returned to the house very promptly). I am pretty good about not wearing a dressing gown all day butContinue reading “Still holding…”