Where’s COVID at?

Back in New Zealand from South Korea, the almost complete lack of masks is really evident. What’s funny is how one’s norm shifts. We went to South Korea and felt like wearing masks was something of an imposition because we didn’t have to any more in New Zealand. We return to New Zealand and IContinue reading “Where’s COVID at?”

Power of the People

This week has demonstrated how a small number of people with the right connections can have big impact in New Zealand. Franco, our back-paddock Argentine, says that’s why he has chosen New Zealand as the country in which he wants to live. Here you can make change if you have to will to do so.Continue reading “Power of the People”

When Things Don’t Work

When things don’t work properly you want to fix them, right? The pictures above are illustrate one of those situations where a former home owner leaves you something that doesn’t work properly. Greg, who sold us this property, dug out a big hole in the paddock, put a clay liner in with gravel over theContinue reading “When Things Don’t Work”

Goodbye traffic lights

The traffic light system was ignominiously dismissed at the beginning of this week, ending on September 12the. It’s apparently done its time and is no longer needed. More correct might be, this was never a very good structure so it will not be greatly missed (here were my thoughts when it was instituted). We areContinue reading “Goodbye traffic lights”

Excess Profits

What is an excess profit? Too much, of course. But how much is too much? Times are getting tougher in New Zealand, as in many countries experiencing high inflation. Increased food and fuel prices hit consumers particularly hard because everyone needs to buy them, and lower earners spend proportionally more of their incomes on theseContinue reading “Excess Profits”

Excessive Complexity

I hypothesise that the rise of AI will be driven by humans having created systems upon which we are dependent, and that are beyond the complexity humans are capable of dealing with. I think we are already at that point. When researching this article, I started from a previous impression that the maximum number ofContinue reading “Excessive Complexity”

Media disservice

Anyone else out there disturbed by the media treatment of Sam Uffindell? This week’s news in New Zealand has been dominated by reporting that the recent winner of the Tauranga by-election was expelled from the prestigious Auckland Kings College at age 16. Uffindell was expelled for assaulting a 13 year old, together with three otherContinue reading “Media disservice”

Dear Mike Hosking…

For the offshore reader, Mike Hosking is a voluble and high profile radio talk show host who is very vocal in his opposition to cycleways and the impossibility of cycling being a significant local transport option in New Zealand. He unfortunately and antagonistically reduces the debate to a head-on conflict between motorists and cyclists, whoContinue reading “Dear Mike Hosking…”

Returning to the not-so-smug hermit kingdom

We have been out of New Zealand for two months, hard to believe it is that long, and it is time to go back. The fears we had when we came to Europe have not come to pass, so I am hoping the same of our return. When we left for Europe people asked concernedlyContinue reading “Returning to the not-so-smug hermit kingdom”